Blueberry Oatmeal Stout from Buffalo Bill's Brewery

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All I can say is "Wow". This has a very blueberry aroma. The initial taste is blueberries, followed by dark smokey oatmeal flavors, and leaving the lingering taste of, amazingly, blueberries.


If you like the fruity stout, Buffalo Bill has a great one for you. You can find distributors and checkout the brewery at


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Aiie! No blueberries in my beer, please.

You uncultured lout, putting blueberries in beer is one of the marks of advanced civilization!

I just tried this stuff, and I must agree with Herr Williamson. This beer is overly sweet, overly blueberried, and not a very well-balanced stout! Now, I'll agree that every civilised soul should have his own opinion on beer, but blueberries are the mark of a primitive hunter-gatherer society, not a complex agrarian one. Advanced, indeed!

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