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Erik reclines in a park.These days, I am the man in charge of Leisure Nouveau.  I act as editor, publisher, and system administrator.  I also contribute most of the articles, and love to focus on beer, style, and travel.  My passion for writing has led me to be published in several other locations, such as The Local DishSouthern Oregon Magazine, and The Philalethes Journal of Masonic Research.  I was also recently published in volume 1 of Ahiman: A Review of Masonic Culture and Tradition.

In addition to writing and pondering the development of a new, more relaxed way of living, I have a number of other interesting talents and hobbies.  Among these are various outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, and squatting in nettles deep in desert mountains to filter a trickle of water oozing from the rocky mountainside.  I am also an avid amateur computer scientist, a fumbling linguist, a magnificent armchair historian, and a practitioner of the ancient ars memorativa.

Currently, my plan for the laziest possible world conquest involves holding down a day job and slowly traveling the world.  We are now on our way to spending some time in lovely Portland, Oregon, to do some beer research and ride bicycles slowly, in order to block traffic and cause mayhem.

If you would like to lean more, read this interview of me. For those wishing to contact me by e-mail, my OpenPGP key ID is FE10 8248 62DA 1D25. Otherwise, please feel free to contact me on Skype by checking below.
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