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Recently I picked up a tin of "All Nighter" scented Man's Face Stuff Moustache Wax.  I've been curious about different small-batch hand-made moustache waxes ever since I became an Oregon Wild Hair fan a while back.  This is a pretty good wax.  It has a different consistency than Oregon Wild Hair, and is much stiffer and more difficult to apply.  However, once applied the hold is firm and long-lasting.

One of the things I like most about Man's Face Stuff is the ease with which it washes out in the morning.  After a hot shower my moustache feels almost entirely free of wax.  Oregon Wild Hair, on the other hand, really likes to hang around.  However, I am not fond of the scent of the "All Nighter" variety.  It is supposed to smell of coffee and pipe smoke, but instead has a sort of unpleasant burnt coffee smell.  I was hoping it would have the odor of cappuccino and Black Cavendish.

Thanks to the firmness of this new wax, I have once more begun to curl my moustache.  Because my moustache is pretty unruly, I was unable to get much style out of it with a softer wax.  Expect ferocious curls and intimidating loops in my hirsute future.

Man's Face Stuff comes in 0.6oz tins and also in tubes.  There are a number of different scents available, as well as an unscented variety.  In retrospect, I think perhaps the "Gin and Tonic" would smell nicer under one's nose all day (it had a distinctly citrus note).  One can purchase this wax online, or at Winn Perry in Portland, Oregon.
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