Pinkus Jubilate Dark Lager

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I was very happy when I finally had the opportunity to sample Pinkus Jubilate Dark Lager.  This is not necessarily a rare beer, but distribution channels in my area have been so confused for the past few months that it's been difficult to get ahold of a wide variety of rather nice beers.  Jubilate is a very pleasant brown with vague hints of red.  From a distance, one might assume that it would have ruby characteristics when held up to the light, but instead it maintains its browness with a calm, steady confidence that is refreshing to find in a dark lager.  The head is stark white, thick, and has a very nice, lasting retention, leaving a healthy lacing.

Try not to drink this beer too cold, as it mutes some of the excellent subtleties of its aroma.  At first, I had a tough time smelling anything of substance, but after a few minutes of warming, I smelled plenty of nuts and yeast.  As I continued drinking, the aroma became a pleasant, mouthwatering precursor to this delightful lager.  It has a medium body with a pleasant effervescence, a slight tartness to it, and mild hop flavors.

This beer is incredibly drinkable and a very excellent example of a dark lager.  As a bonus, Pinkus beers are organic.  It certainly deserves all five of the stars I can offer it.


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