H Upmann Corona on a Brisk Autumn Afternoon

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H Upmann CoronaI just smoked a rather enjoyable cigar, an H Upmann Corona given to me by Mr Williamson. This is a nicely colored cigar, with a wrapper the color of coffee with plenty of cream in it. The wrapper was a bit blotchy, but didn't look too bad. It smelled very inviting, like all of the good parts of a barnyard on a nice winter morning.

Well, I clipped the cigar and before lighting it, discussed with Mr Williamson how my article on smoking a cigar without accidentally inhaling seems to have become very popular, and now gets far more hits than any other article on the website. This was a trick that he had originally taught me, you see, and he was rather stunned that it hadn't been mentioned more often elsewhere. Anyhow, I lit the cigar. I'd like to think I wasn't lighting badly, but it burned horribly uneven for the first half-inch. I was immediately greeted with a healthy dose of spicy flavor that mellowed quickly into a sort of creamy cedar.

Once the cigar self-corrected its poor light, it became a very pleasant smoke. It had a pretty good nicotine strength to it, but it was not overpowering. While the ash was not particularly solid nor well-formed, it was a very attractive white color. We smoked outdoors in the brisk fall air. A massive tree loomed over us dropping yellow leaves every now and again, and the sun filtered through the branches, providing a little bit of warmth. It was a gorgeous afternoon for smoking.

The Upmann had a very pleasant, easy draw and as it continued to burn its flavor grew in body and lost some of the subtleties it initially possessed, which was very nice. The fullness of the smoke was moderate and not quite as big and silky as I enjoy. And the cigar went out slightly past the halfway point, probably because I was doing too much talking and not enough puffing. It was, overall, a pleasant cigar, and I'll give it a good solid three stars. It might be worth smoking again, but I'm going to try other cigars first.


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