Don't Inhale: A Trick for the Beginning Cigar Smoker

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A new cigar smoker is often faced with a stern warning against inhalation of the pungent smoke.  Indeed, for a non-smoker it can be a very unpleasant experience.  There is hope, however, and a very simple technique that one can use to avoid inhaling cigar smoke while working on those important cheek muscles, which are vital for other fancy cigar smoking tricks like blowing smoke rings and scaring away the natives.

The trick is to take a lungful of clean air before putting the cigar to your lips.  Don't strain your lungs to bursting, but make sure they're full enough that you won't be tempted to inhale again.  Next, suck cigar smoke into your mouth using just your cheeks and tongue.  It is very tricky at first, and rarely will you achieve the voluminous billowing clouds of smoke associated with cigars on your first try, but keep at it.  With a little bit of practice, you'll never even have to worry about accidental inhalation, and you can avoid that embarrassing episode of nicotine poisoning which sometimes results from one's first cigar.

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Well, well! What do we have here? A discussion of cigar tricks and NO mention of the Queen of them all, the French Inhale ... pshaw I say!!

Kudos on the site, gents. I, too, share a taste for the good life. I will check back in short order.

Whew, a French inhale with a cigar? That can be rough on the nose. I much prefer that trick with pipe tobacco. But fear not, loyal readers, for we shall certainly discuss the venerable French inhale in a future posting.

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