France weighs big changes in drinking laws - International Herald Tribune

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"In an effort to crack down on binge drinking among French teenagers, the government last week proposed raising the legal age for buying alcohol to 18 from 16. It also wants to ban sales of alcohol at highway filling stations and to ban all-you-can-drink "open bar" evenings at French high schools."

I'm appalled, just appalled. If you live in France, I hope you get out of your armchair, grab a long gun  from your gun safe, put down your pipe and slippers, light up a fat cigar and GO RIOT!

Actually, I'm joking here, I don't advocate rioting, and having been in a couple, don't feel they're all that fun. They are a great learning experience, now I'm the guy who ducks and rolls into the bushes for backfires, unexpected fireworks, laser pens and gunshots.

In all seriousness, I think the drinking age issue is ridiculous. The issue is about teaching responsible drinking at an early age, and practicing responsible drinking. If you're on the floor every night, puking in your shoes you're practicing something along the lines of a "gonna be a homeless wino" based lifestyle, rather than a leisure based lifestyle.


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I am working really hard to be a homeless wino...don't knock the lifestyle!

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