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Travel is something everyone with a leisure based lifestyle should do frequently, but in this climate of expensive airlines and wallet gouging hotels, even short duration stays and travel to the nearest city can be prohibitive. So what can a man of low means and high tastes do to get himself to the nearest worthy destination, with funds left to partake of the many pleasures to be found there? In short, use the greatest leisure tool ever invented, the Internet.

prepare: roll clothing
ride share explore drink couch surf
wake bloody mary

In my upcoming series on cheap travel, I'll be exploring tools and practices for planning and executing a trip, using my upcoming trip to San Francisco as an example.  In my planning article I'll be covering the use of ride sharing for movement, and for rest. I'm probably making planning sound more glorious than it is, as I'm the ultimate anti-planner. Plans are overrated, when you have nothing pressing to get back to. I never would have found that bizarre Asian hooker bar in San Francisco if I had been following a plan, after all.

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