McMenamins "Get Up Your Schwarz" Dark Lager

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McMenamins-Schwarz.jpgI haven't been able to find any information on the web about the muddy brown lager I had at the McMenamins Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery the other day.  On the special draft board, I think it was called the "Get Up Your Schwarz Lager", but I could be wrong.  I always want to like McMenamins so much more than I do.  They have a great aesthetic and do great things with historical buildings, and that makes me really love them.  But their beer so often fails to impress that it's hard for me to get excited about visiting their locations except to enjoy the weird art and creative vibe.

The photograph does a pretty good job of showing off the murky brownness of what was described to me as a dark lager.  It really looked like watery mud, but it tasted all right.  It had a slightly astringent note, however, and was perhaps a bit too heavy on the roasted flavors, but overall it was a passable dark lager.  In reality, this was a Braunbier instead of a Schwartzbier.

On another note, while searching the McMenamins website for information about this beer, I was tickled to see that one of their navigational aids, though badly designed, was a clever homage to Pieter Bruegel's Tower of Babel.  Check it out below.


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