Lindemans Cuvée René Gueuze

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lind_gueze.gifThis is my second gueuze review, and I think I can happily say that I'm finally developing a taste for these odd brews.  The Lindemans Cuvée René Gueuze comes from the producer of lambics perhaps most famous in Oregon, as one can find their products nearly everywhere.  I went through two pours of this.  The first pour was a pale, clear gold with tiny bubbles and a thin, small head.  At a glance, I would have guessed it to be a pilsner.  It smelled, however, like sour apples, bananas, and bread, with a dose of tartness.

It was, as expected, quite tart on the tongue, with strong lemon and lime notes, more sour apple, and a pleasantly biscuity yeast.  The beer was quite effervescent with a thin mouth feel.

On my second pour, I made sure to swirl the beer left in the bottle to stir up the yeast and sediment, which added a golden haze to the beer and brought out sweeter citrus notes and a welcome nut character on the back of the palate.  It also added quite a bit to the body.  I found this to be a very drinkable gueuze, though I still believe that it would be best enjoyed as part of a meal, perhaps as an apertif or along with a strong, gamey meat.

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