La Princesa De Cuba Torpedo

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La Princesa de Cuba, yes I love thee, I know you came in a sampler, and I may never see you again, but I'll love you always. This wonderful cigar lit well, and smoked well all the way through, retaining it's character, and burning great from light to stub. The character I speak of is tobacco, glorious tobacco. Rather than relate this to tones of fruit and spices, or burning autumn leaves and woody flavors, I must say that the tobacco aspect really came out here. I love good tobacco and this most certainly fits the bill. Because of the well rolled torpedo shape, and strong cap, this is the kind of cigar you can clench in your teeth and puff while doing other things, and not have to worry about anything (except perhaps looking really cool). The ash is solid, I was able to keep 2 inches without even thinking about it. The smoke smelled great, I found myself unconsciously trying to keep a cloud of the wonderful stuff swirling about me for the entire experience. I ended up smoking it to the nub and wishing I had more.

I smoked this while plinking with the BB Gun, and drinking shaken (not stirred) screwdrivers and sherry (separately, not mixed...). The screwdrivers were OK, cheap vodka and juice is very hard to screw up after all. Ah, but the sherry! Erik brought a bottle of Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla. It was very dry, and very drinkable, with a beautiful golden apple color and tasted more like good grappa than the too-sweet cream sherry I have had before. I will have this sherry again, but next time, I will drink it chilled as I'm sure it will be even better that way.

Erik purchased a BB gun of his own for our outing, and his aim improved steadily throughout the 400 some BBs he shot. I've suggested that he set up a range in his back yard, so that in the upcoming Leisure Nouveau Triathlon (walking, drinking and shooting pellet guns), he'll be able to compete with me on the marksmanship parts of the course.  On this plinking expedition we actually brought chairs, and set up a table for the drinks and other supplies. Many evil bottles and cans were rendered impotent by the force of shooting 800 BBs through them. The next day, I realized that I have an actual bruise on my palm from pumping the BB gun somewhere in the range of 1200 pumps. In future outings, I think I will hire a manservant to keep my BB gun pumped, loaded and ready to fire, along with other drink preparation and smoking related duties.

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Man, my hand was pretty badly bruised as well. And my marksmanship is improving---I've been shooting at things in the back yard. The things may have been the neighbor's kids. They sure yelled a lot.

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