Enjoying Affordable Cigars

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Cigar aficionados can be a very curious bunch.  They clamor for certain pricey cigars, go on and on about odd flavors found in a mouthful of smoke, argue about the best country of origin for a particular leaf, its color, its ease of smoke, and frequently seem to forget that a cigar can be much more enjoyable when one just doesn't worry about all that stuff.  A cigar can be enjoyed while sipping a glass of cheap bourbon on the front porch, with some buddies fishing by the river, or after a long and strenuous climb to the top of a dusty mountain.  A cigar is not always an end to itself, but a dash of spice on an otherwise enjoyable time, and it certainly doesn't need to cost a bundle.

However, the selection of a good affordable cigar can be a daunting one.  In amongst the lower-priced sticks are many real stinkers.  Bad cigars can sit like ash in your mouth or spoil the air like the aftermath of a chili taste-off.  In this article we have the first in a selection of good, affordable cigars that can be had for under $10 a stick, and frequently will cost much less than that when purchased in quantity.  These are intended to give any cigar smoker a tasty entrance into the fine world of gentlemanly smoking without requiring him to destroy his budget.

Macanudo Cafe Hampton CourtThe Macanudo Cafe Hampton Court is an attractive, mild cigar made by one of the world's largest premium cigar makers. The great benefit of purchasing from a large maker like Macanudo is that you're pretty much guaranteed a consistent quality for a really low price, while still getting a magnificent cigar. This one comes in at about $5-6 per stick when purchased in boxes of twenty-five. Perfect for sharing with your buddies!

Ashton Classic Sampler (10) Even more affordable for an introductory smoke is the Ashton Classic Sampler (10), which contains an attractive selection of cigars from this well-known cigar maker. Your editorial staff here at Leisure Nouveau has yet to try all of these great-looking cigars, but I'm sure we shall in the near future.

CAO Brazilia Piranha Finally, the CAO Brazilia Piranha is a wonderful and affordable cigar for those who want to get into cigars with stronger flavor and a bolder nicotine punch. They're short, so you won't look like a wimp for having to squash your cigar when the spins hit, and they're really delicious. Plus, they've got an excellent Brazilian wrapper, so are a great accompaniment to a selection of bossa nova and a caipirinha or two.

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Lately, my favorite affordable cigar has been the less expensive offerings from Perdomo, especially the Perdomo Lot 23 line, which comes in a few different configurations. Very tasty, very affordable, certainly worth trying.

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